Monday, August 18, 2008

My wife is afraid of crickets.

My wife is afraid of crickets. She doesn't just dislike them, she is actually extremely freaked out and after seeing a few, she will sit in a corner and quietly sob. Today we had a typical situation. We arrived home, to find a cricket waiting for us right beside the front door. After she ran out to the middle of the street, I had to coax her into coming back to the garage. I counted to three and opened the door as she ran at full speed into the house.

The cricket situation reached a new high a couple of weeks ago. I have a gecko named Margarito. Guess what his favorite food is? If you guessed crickets, you are absolutely correct. The first week I had him, all of the crickets I had escaped and filled the living room. At the same time, Margarito ran out of his terrarium. Instead of getting some help dealing with all that, my wife started crying and hid in a corner.

After the cricket situation, I'm pretty sure we will have to go to the Sanrio store, and maybe get something with a Hello Kitty picture stamped on it. In her case, something pink, cute and flowery usually fixes things.

I've got a big concert coming up and the beginning of a new school year to manage. I wish Kitty did something for my stress. In my case, just obsessively spinning all the things I have to do in my mind over and over again is enough.

So... about the concert: fourth of September, here in my city with the local orchestra. Brahms piano concerto in d minor.

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