Friday, October 17, 2008

#44 I can't stop coughing.

Find things in your daily life that can make you empathise with the composer of the works you are practicing during a certain period. For example, I've had a nasty cough for the past four weeks; this stupid infection just won't go away completely. I should use it to empathise with Chopin and his tuberculosis. Or maybe not... I just want to complain about this stupid cough. Does anyone have a good cough remedy I could use? Syrups, teas and medicine of all kind have been of no use so far. I'm having a stupid coughing fit while I write this. Today's piano tip? If you can't stop coughing, at least realise how much worse Chopin had it. When you practice his music, you can relate to the Polish patriotism and homesickness, and his general aristocratic character; also remember his tuberculosis and how uncontrollable coughing can feel. Your throat closes up and you feel like you can't breath, and you can't stop no matter how hard you try. After a while your head and abs also hurt like hell from all the non-stop coughing.

Stupid cough bugs, it's the same every single year.


  1. I just gotten off the phone with my brother. And what is weird he has the same thing.. And his sound's like it's going down to his chest. He has ahd it about a month now also.. He thought it might be allergies. He has a Dr's Appt. Monday we will see what the Doc say's about it.. And I have found Cough Syrup's DM help alot. And this new med Mucinex, I heard that was REAL good.. Good luck. til l8er

  2. It doesn't help that I just finished re-reading Stephen King's, The Stand. I keep having nightmares that I have the superflu.

  3. LOL, I when I feel really stressed I feel like vomiting ... is any composer like that? (sorry that is just my foul sense of humor)... have you breathed in that 'vicks' stuff and rubbed it all over your chest? Sometimes I get someone to rub my back in circles and pound it gently that just feels nice. I hate coughs the are so annoying! I hope you feel better soon.

  4. You're very funny in the midst of crisis, Ahmed, talking about super-flu. My husband loves to read sci-fi and was telling me about some futuristic novel where women ruled the world and some wore fur collars with some kind of robotic voice activated device to give them good counsel - excepting that the robot of this one woman started having moods and getting irritating.

    I think, in reality - both could happen. Was watching tv last night and they were talking about the ineffectiveness of antibiotics - should your cough turn into an infection of the lungs. Oftentimes, it does just that.

    When younger, i used a humidifier for bad coughs. Some use warm shower to loosen up the stuff. Also, there are natural remedies such as 'echinasia' at the health food stores - that you can use mostly before you get sick to prevent a really bad case. But, since you're already stuck with it - i'd make a lot of hot soup with lots of dark greens and just suffer through it and stay away from getting damp or cold. Easier in Mexico that here in PA which is getting colder by the day.

    When you get better, Ahmed - exercise more as it strengthens your lungs against future infections. Don't worry too much about dying - like Chopin. We have more technology - and also, more sympathy. Am sure your students sympathize and will send you cards.

    Will pray for your recovery!

  5. I'm sorry you gotten scared after you read The Stand.. LOL But, this is what the Dr. told my brother about his cough. Now mind you he does smoke. The Dr. said it was just Bronical in his sinus and it was moving toward his chest lung's.. The Dr. told him to quit smoking of course, which I've been trying to get him to quit like forever. Anyway, and told him since he is NOT running a fever he does not need antibiotics and to take DM for the cough and when he does cough get ALL he can out (mucus) than take Mucinex.. And to get under a Humidifier.. The Dr. said it pull's all that crap out.. WoW!! I should of been a Dr. hahaha Hey, I play one on T.V. LOL And the Dr. told him if it's not any better by next week to come back in.. Oh, and she did NOT give him his flu shot.. He was alittle pissed but when your sick you can't get your Flu shot.. And I'm sure YOUR Very much OK!! Not a Superfly!! haha til l8er

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