Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Daily piano tip #21.

A common problem is clenching the jaw. It is a bit hard to spot and a lot of pianists underestimate the detrimental effects this kind of tension has on playing. An easy way to spot it is by practicing with your tongue out, between your teeth. Without a doubt, you will notice when you bite down on your own tongue. A good way to solve it is by chewing gum while you practice and paying attention to how your shoulders, neck and face feel when you play.


  1. You know chewing gum also apparently stimulates the brain. The mechanism of chewing gets the heart beating (at the different rate) this apparently gets the brain going. I've been told this fact from a number of sources ... I don't know if its really true but I guess its a plus when practicing.

  2. I had never heard before! I need to chew gum more often!