Friday, September 26, 2008

Daily piano tip #23.

Breathe when you play, like a singer.

It makes all the difference.

Take singing lessons if you can afford it and they are available.


  1. Wow, ... I'm a singer ... and a pianist ... and I never ever saw it in that light ...

    Why should a pianist be conscience of his/her breathing when playing? To be relaxed? So that s/he doesn't get into shallow breathing?

  2. So that your phrasing is more natural. Legato and cantabile and phrasing are more of an illusion on the piano than in other instruments, since we can't do a true legato. And many pianists also play a long note without following it through in their mind of having an idea of the actual action behind a long note or a long phrase that a string or a wind player has to have.

    Breathing with the music helps you have a natural rhythmic impulse and phrasing. Another thing influenced by it is legato, which is as much a matter of touch and volume as it is of just playing two notes one after another without a discernible gap.

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