Sunday, September 28, 2008

Daily piano tip #25

Introspection is an essential part of getting over performance anxiety.  Identifying what is actually causing your stage fright is very important. The most common causes of stage fright are:

- You are scared of the judgement of other people.

- You are afraid of making a fool out of yourself; of failing.

- You are worried that if you do badly, your future is at stake.

- You are unsure of what you are doing; insecurity.

- You are not comfortable with the way you look and feel.

In short, the main areas to focus on to solve these problems are:

- Focus on the moment and not on what will happen in the future.

- Accept yourself the way you are.

- Prepare as thoroughly as possible.

- Focus on the positive aspects of playing in public.

In the following posts, I will try to cover each of these causes and solutions individually. If you have a performance anxiety problem, take a moment to sit down and think about what may be causing it. Don't wait until performance day.

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